The Fishing and Heritage Marine Sports Committee at the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club held its first meeting chaired by Abdullah Al-Salami, member of the club’s board of directors, chairman of the committee, and in the presence of members of the board of directors Hassan Al-Zaabi, Hamid Al-Muhairi, and Executive Director of the club Ahmed Al Hosani, next to the committee members who are Abdullah Al-Zaabi, Mohammed Hassan Al Marzouki, Abdulrahman Al-Amiri, Omar Matar, and Mustafa Nabil, meeting rapporteur.
During the meeting, Abdullah Al-Salami was keen to convey the greetings and wishes of Khalid Jassim Al Midfa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club and all his colleagues, members of the Board of Directors, to the members of the Committee, wishing success for the committee, which reflects the interest of a large sector of fans and lovers of heritage water sports that are related to the history of parents and grandparents in the UAE and in all countries of the Gulf, including fishing and all traditional sports such as sailing and rowing.
Abdullah Al-Salami, Chairman of the Committee, reviewed the agenda of the meeting, which included many important matters related to the role of heritage marine sports and their great influence in showing the club’s successes in meeting the hobbies that are related to the history of the country. The committee discussed all specializations and defined its role in developing the skills of the new generation and working on its association with the sport of grandparents.
The meeting reviewed the decree to establish the club, defined the committee’s terms of reference, future plans and assignments received from the Board of Directors, and the meeting discussed members ’plans and ideas regarding interest in heritage marine activities.

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