Sharjah Marine organizes the first phase of the Jet Ski Marathon on Saturday

The new Al Heera Beach in Sharjah will witness the first phase of the UAE Jetski Marathon Championship organized by the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club in cooperation with the UAE Marine Sports Federation.
The marathon is expected to witness a great and distinguished participation by the riders who represent the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club, and all marine clubs in the country, as well as the champions and stars of water cycling from citizens and residents at the state level.
The Sharjah Club, the organizer of the event, has completed all the organizational and logistical preparations to organize the event, which is considered the largest public competitive event that comes after the decision to resume marine sports activities in Sharjah during the “COVID-19” pandemic, which is scheduled to take place amid all precautionary measures that ensure the safety of all participants, organizers and the masses that determined by the official authorities in the state.
Marathon competitions are held for three classes and start from 4:00 pm with professional seated competitions, followed immediately by veteran seated competitions, then professional stand competitions, provided that the coronation ceremony will be held at 6 pm on the Corniche of Al Heera Beach in Sharjah in the presence of representatives of the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club Board of Directors and representatives  of the the marine federation, and representatives of all cooperating parties.

The Technical Department at Sharjah International Marine Sports Club nominated 4 stars and champions of water cycling registered in the club’s name to participate in the marathon with the aim of achieving the best results in it: Manea Al Marzooqi, Sultan Al Hammadi, Amer Hwair, and Khalid Al Zarouni.

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