Location : UAE – Sharjah – khorfakkan

Depth :18 m

Dive Types : Artificial reef – Wrecked Cars

A site to test your navigation skills – with the reward of some unusual marine life.

Care Cemetery is a graveyard for wrecked cars that was created in about 1988 to from an artificial reef and a special site for Diving navigation. There were about 200 vehicles here but following Cyclone Gonu in 2007, the number is 50 and the nucleus of the site covers an area of about 60 square meters. Note that the map above only depicts of car wrecks.


Due to the flat seabed and the lack of any distinguishing features on the car, this is a challenge site, both to find and to navigate around. Visibility is also usually poor as the site is located near a wadi entrance.

There’s also a lot of sediment in the area, so take care to keep your buoyancy in check, otherwise you will be down to zero visibility!!

In the daytime, you tend to meander from one wrecked car to another, looking in the distance for the shadow of the next vehicle.

At night thought, you will not be able to do this and you will need to rely on your compass.

Although not frequently dived in the dark, Car Cemetery makes a memorable night dive. Corals come out at night extending their polyps to catch and feed on micro –planktons.

Most of the cars are covered with algae.  Take your Time and look for smaller creatures, such as shrimps and Omani clingfish hiding among the featherstars. This site is considered a nudibranch haven and you will find numerous species on the cars wrecks.


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