The UAE Remote Control Boats Championship organized by the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club concluded at Al Khan Beach Corniche in Sharjah, and witnessed a great participation that included the stars of this exciting sport.

In the category “Ciel 4”, the contestant, Muhammad Tharwat Muhammad, came first, followed by the contestant Jumah Suhail Zaal Al-Tayer in second place, and then the contestant, Islam Misbah Al-Baz, in third place.

In the “Ciel 3” category: Ali Hussain Ibrahim Al Ali came in first place, Aqeel Muhammad Mahdi Ahmed came in second place, and Hamad Fahd Saeed Al Marzouki came in third place.

And in the “Ciel 2” category: second place contestant Jumah Suhail Zaal Al Tayer came in first place, Haya Islam Misbah Al-Baz came in second place, and Muhammad Fahad Saeed Al Marzouki came in third place.

Participated in honoring the champions who won the first three places in all categories, members of the board of directors of the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club, Hassan Al Zaabi and Mohammed Al Kamali, as well as Ahmed Al Hosani, Executive Director of the club, and all the supporting technical equipment.

Ahmed Al Hosani praised the success of the event and the extent of participation by lovers and enthusiasts of boats and wireless boats, and said: “Although it is a wireless-controlled tournament, it was distinctive and exciting, and attracted the attention of everyone who followed the competitions from Al-Khan Corniche in Sharjah.” He pointed out that this sport is continuously developing, and it is receiving great attention by the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Sharjah International Marine Sports Club; Therefore, the club strives continuously to organize such competitions on an ongoing basis, and seeks to encourage its practitioners by monitoring many distinguished prizes for the participants. To encourage them to continue in this sport.

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