• October 3, 2021
  • by Abdullah Abdulhamid
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The Board of Directors of the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club held its periodic meeting headed by His Excellency Khalid bin Jassim Al Midfa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and in the presence of all the members of the Board. The meeting discuss various important topics that concerns the club’s recent activities most notably the participation in the Formula 1 World Championship in Italy, during which the team succeeded in obtaining third place through the racer Sami Sileo




The council wished success to the club’s team currently participating in the International Jet ski Championships in the United States of America and returning with the best results that befit the club’s name and history in this important tournament, which is considered one of the most important jetski championships in the world, during which the club had previously achieved many results and distinguished titles


During its meeting, the council approved the participation of the club’s team in the International Jetski Championships, the upcoming Kuwait International freestyle. It also approved the timetable for the activities of the last quarter of this year, which include 11 diverse marine sports activities, in addition to community activities that reflect the club’s interest in the community role that it plays on a regular basis throughout the year


The Board discussed many positive proposals that contribute to the development of performance and the diversity of activities, including a proposal to develop the meeting system for the Board of Directors. The Board also approved the appointment of a number of new technical and administrative persons. The monthly financial report was also approved, and discussed a number of marketing and investment plans which contributes to adding new sources of income to the club’s treasury that with increase its financial resources

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