Khalid Jassim Al Midfa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club and Chairman of the Financial and Administrative Affairs Committee in the club chaired the first meeting of the committee, which was held with the participation of Ahmed Al Qaseer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the members Ahmed Al Hosani, Executive Director, Alaa Sawan, and Dr. Muhammad Abdulazim, the Rapporteur.
Khalid Al Midfa welcomed the members of the committee, wishing them success in their mission aimed at the success and development of all financial and administrative aspects of the club and reaching the achievement of all the desired goals. Then he reviewed the objectives and terms of reference of the financial and administrative committee in the club and considered it one of the main committees important for the success of the work system in the club, as he considered the success of the role the committee contributes to the success of all activities and programs that are organized throughout the season, provided that the approach and method of work are in line with the financial foundations of the Sharjah Sports Council.
During the meeting, the committee called for setting a policy for signatures on all financial documents that ensure the success of the workflow, with all financial and administrative transactions in the club being subject to financial control and auditing, and the appeal to transparency and governance in all financial and administrative transactions.
The committee discussed many other topics, including the proposal to study employee contracts, benefits and allowances that benefit club employees, and a list of new appointments for a number of employees, according to the proposed organizational structure.

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