The Sharjah International Marine Sports Club started its sports season with a marine environmental campaign, to organize the fishermen’s port in Kalba, aimed at cleaning the bottom from debris and impurities and creating a clean marine environment for marine life in Khor Kalba, in addition to spreading the culture of preserving the marine environment.
A large number of volunteer divers from the diving teams from across the UAE and Oman participated in the campaign, where they recovered a lot of debris from the seabed, and at the end of the event, Abdullah Al-Salami, a member of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club, Ahmed Issa Al Hosani, Executive Director of the club, and Abdul Rahman Al-Amiri, the chief diving instructor, honored all the diving teams participating in the campaign, and all the cooperating entities that participated in the campaign were also honored, including the Kalba Fishermen Cooperative Society, the Sharjah Police General Command, the Bee’ah Company, and the Vital Facilities and Coastal Protection Agency. Abdullah Al-Salami, a member of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah Maritime Club, considered the event one of the main activities that the club organizes every year in various vital areas at the level of the emirate, indicating that the event comes at the beginning of the annual program organized by the club, which includes many events and races organized in many One of the cities of the emirate and includes all traditional and modern marine sports.
Source: Al Khaleej

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