The Cultural Activities and Community Sports Committee of the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club held its first meeting at the club’s headquarters in Sharjah Corniche headed by Hayat Mal Allah Al Ali, member of the club’s board of directors and chairman of the committee, and in the presence of members Shihab Yusef Al Awadi, Alia Abdel Reda, Abdul Rahman Yusef Rahmani, and the committee’s reporter, Ayman Abdo Sadek.
At the beginning of the meeting, Hayat Mal Allah Al Ali was keen to welcome the members, and conveyed to them the greetings of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, and all the members of the Board, and also conveyed the wishes of the Board of Directors for the success of the Committee in carrying out its roles in order to achieve the desired successes befitting the name of the club and the ambitions of its board of directors.
After that, Ayman Abdo Sadek, the rapporteur of the committee, reviewed the agenda of the meeting, which included many important matters related to the competencies of the Cultural Activities and Community Sports Committee and its important role in organizing many cultural and community events for different ages that are commensurate with the nature of the maritime activities in the club throughout the year to achieve the desired success and reach The desired goals, and everyone stressed the need to strengthen the club’s social role in the coming period.
In its first meeting, the committee discussed the decree of establishing the club and defined the committee’s terms of reference. Future plans and some assignments received from the board of directors regarding the role of the committee were presented and discussed, and the members ’plans and ideas for the proposed activities of the committee were discussed.

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