The Marine Summer Camp, organized by the Sharjah International Marine Sports Club in cooperation with the Sharjah Sports Council in the Sharjah Sea, is launched today, under the slogan «Live the Sea Life», and which extends until July 16, and includes a variety of marine activities , which aims to spread the culture of marine sports among children, and the junior stages. The Club records witnessed a great turnout for those wishing to participate in this summer’s edition. After the success of the first edition of the camp and after the great success of the Dibba Al-Hisn camp, which was concluded days ago, and witnessed great success and turnout. The Sharjah International Marine Sports Club, headed by HE Ali Salem Al Midfa, monitored all available capabilities; due to the success of the second edition of the summer camp, which the city of Sharjah is witnessing, which has been approved as one of the activities that the club organizes throughout the season as well as many activities, events and races, organized by the club throughout the year. The Sharjah International Marine Sports Club Board of Directors looks forward to achieving a set of constructive goals. Through summer camps in both Sharjah and Dibba Al-Hisn, the most important of which is strengthening the social role of the club, providing opportunities to practice recreational marine sports, and spreading the spirit of loyalty, belonging and patriotism among children, cubs and young people; By practicing marine activities; in order to discover the talents of children and youth, develop their performance, and invest leisure time during the summer. The club’s executive management, led by Ahmed Al Hosani, approved a program full of diversified marine activities for Bahr Al Khan camp in Sharjah. To practice it for two hours a day, interspersed with “courses” for practicing and teaching water bicycles, rowing, kayaking, marine scouting and fishing, in addition to various recreational marine activities such as soap ball and beach plane; To give an atmosphere of joy to all participants in the camp.

Source: Al Khaleej – Hassan Khamees

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